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The League of Kingdoms’ Web3 Transformation

Unleashing the Power of Profit, Community, and Fun in Gaming through Blockchain Technology and revolutionizing the Gaming Landscape


In the ever-evolving world of digital gaming, one name stands out as a trailblazer in the industry: League of Kingdoms. This innovative game, listed on the XWORLD platform, is a testament to how Web3 technology can transform the gaming landscape by seamlessly combining profit, community, and fun.

The major titles of Web 3.0 games include Axie Infinity, where you can raise and collect different ‘Axies’, The Sandbox, which aims for open metaverse, and NBA Top Shot, which is a collection of sports player cards and games.

However, most Web 3.0 games at their current state are mainly focused on pursuing “profit” rather than “fun”, and merely emphasize on the fact that game players can acquire in-game item ownership through blockchain and NFT. In addition, as in the case of Axie Infinity, the issue of sustainability continues to be raised.


For a game to have sustainable gameplay and growth, it must not miss the ‘fun’ element as well as the ‘profit’ element. Only when player-focused ‘community’ element is integrated on top of these will it truly be a Web 3.0 game of the players, by the players, for the players.

League of Kingdoms is a 4X strategy game that takes the concept of gaming to a whole new level. The 4X strategy game refers to a strategy game that focuses on “EXplore,” “EXpand,” “EXploit,” and “EXterminate”.



In general, factors such as base construction, technology research, managing troops and resources, scouting surroundings, and rivalry and monster battles are part of the gameplay.


GamePlay of League of Kingdoms

There are a lot of ways to play it, such as plundering other kingdoms or farming monsters for various resources. Because playing with friends is more fun than fighting others, you can also join an Alliance. It also has multiple events that will let you complete various activities each day for unique rewards. The game has four standard resources to collect: Wood, Stone, Corn, Gold, and Crystals. While they can be easily farmed, the latter mostly come from events, quests, and store purchases.

Users who have played existing mobile games such as Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdoms would find this kind of gameplay familiar.



While the company took all the profits in Web 2.0 games, League of Kingdoms distributes a portion of the profits back to the players, just like what XWORLD is doing. Through $LOKA and $DST, the game is designed so that the community is enabled and rewarded for making their own game and governance operation through DAO is effectively possible.

League of Kingdoms is the game that has secured both “profit” and “community” along with “fun”. When the game was released, instead of initially disclosing the tokens, it first focused on the excellence and fun of the game to build a sustainable gameplay environment for players to thrive. They have already secured a loyal player base through excellent game quality, and now the team wishes to return to them more rights and rewards for their contributions to the game.

The gameplay is immersive, engaging, and designed to keep players on their toes. But what sets League of Kingdoms apart is its transformation into a Web3.0 game and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), combining profit with fun and sustainability.

Game Economy (NFT)


The transition to Web3.0 has allowed League of Kingdoms to incorporate blockchain technology into its core mechanics. This integration has led to the creation of a unique game economy, where in-game tokens play a crucial role. These tokens, which can be earned, traded, and used within the game, add a layer of complexity and excitement to the gameplay. They also provide a tangible reward for players’ time and energy, making the gaming experience more profitable and sustainable.

The potential of this type of gameplay is immense. By integrating blockchain technology, League of Kingdoms has opened up new avenues for player engagement and monetization. Players are not just consumers; they are active participants in the game economy, contributing to its growth and evolution. This level of player involvement is unprecedented in the gaming industry and sets a new standard for future games.


LAND represents ownership of certain coordinates of the continent within the game as an NFT. LAND holders can earn a certain portion of the revenue (10%) generated from the coordinate and increase the level of LAND by obtaining LAND development points. Its amount is limited to a total of 65,536 (256×256), and the higher the demand, the higher the value of the LAND will be.


2. Drago

Dragos can be owned or traded as NFTs. Drago boosts combat capabilities by putting magical enhancements on combat forces, and if you have Drago, you can gain $DST and $LOKA. The initially issued Genesis Drago is limited in total quantity and has one of five attributes: fire, wood, ice, light, and darkness.

3. Resources

Food, lumber, stone, and gold, which are important resources in the game, are produced every time the game play time passes, and accumulated resources can be issued as NFT and traded at OpenSea.


Game Economy (Tokens)

League of Kingdoms has two tokens: the governance token $LOKA and the utility token $DST. Representative P2E games that have separated protocol tokens into two in this way include “Axie Infinity” and “Star Atlas.”

In general, the reason for such separation of governance and utility tokens is to separate the inflation of goods that comes from gameplay and the inflation of blockchain governance that comes from staking.


1. LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena)

LOKA is an in-game governance token that represents voting rights for the League of Kingdoms operations policy. You can get LOKA through gameplay, and receive in-game profits by staking.

$LOKA holders can decide on how to utilize League of Kingdom’s Council Vault (hereinafter referred to as ‘Treasury’) through governance staking. Treasury is incurred in marketplace transaction fees, in-game payments (on-chain payments), LAND sales, NFT upgrades, and bridging. This Treasury can be used in a variety of ways, including token burning, buyback, user compensation for P2E, landowner compensation, etc.

In addition to the usage of Treasury, governance can also vote on various factors in the game, such as land compensation rates. LOKA holders ultimately make decisions to enable long-term growth and sustainability for gameplay.


2. $DST (Dragon Soul Token)

$DST is an in-game utility token that is used to breed and raise Dragos. $DST is mainly used to breed Dragos. Each Drago has its own attributes and ratings, so players need a suitable Drago for every situation. As the number of players increase and the demand for Dragos grows alongside with it, the demand for $DST is also expected to increase.

In conclusion

League of Kingdoms is more than just a game; it’s a game-changer. Its innovative use of Web3 technology, unique game economics, and commitment to player engagement and profitability make it a standout in the gaming industry. As more games follow in its footsteps, we can expect to see a new era of gaming that is more engaging, rewarding, and fun.


XWORLD(xworld.pro), a platform dedicated to promoting high-quality games and apps, recognizes the value that League of Kingdoms brings to the table. XWORLD highly values the balance of profit and fun for all Internet digital citizens and rewards them for the time and energy they contribute. By listing League of Kingdoms, XWORLD is endorsing its innovative approach to gaming and its commitment to providing a rewarding and enjoyable gaming experience.

If you’re a gamer or an internet user interested in the future of gaming, follow XWORLD on Twitter at https://twitter.com/xworld_pro to stay updated on the latest developments in Web3 games, NFTs, and tokenomics. Don’t miss out on the revolution; join the League of Kingdoms and experience the future of gaming today.

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