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X-World TestNet Rewards Program——Step by Step

Hey guys!👋

Your favourite buddy is excited to bring you some super good news!😍 XWorld will be hosting a testnet event. Believe me😎, just like you, I’m filled with anticipation for this event!

This competition will bring you abundant rewards and airdrops🍬. We have prepared meticulously for a long time to ensure the progress of this testnet will run smoothly.

Those of you who are behind the screen, are you excited? Get ready to show your skills and compete with your fellow buddies!

Of course, we’re not here to cause trouble, so let’s get straight to the point!


Test Network Reward Rules:

  • Follow our twitter and participate in Zealy mission for more Zealy XP:
  • Every Zealy XP will convert 1:1 to Xworld Points.
  • Redeem XWORLD Token \ NFT\ other partner tokens based on Points airdrop calculation.

About X-WORLD Points:

XWorld Points is an incentive point for the XWorld test network account. The corresponding points are obtained according to the accumulated contribution and task completion of the user, and the corresponding tokens ($BUILD\$WORLD) will be exchanged after the launch of the XWorld main network according to the number of points. After the main network is launched, and you complete the exchange of all tokens, your XWorld Points will not be deleted, and will be kept on the main network. In the future, we will airdrop NFT and partner tokens to reward our early participating users.


  1. Stay active and participate in our community activities. Spread xworld and invite your friends to join us.
  1. The more Zealy XP you accumulate, the more XWorld Points you will receive.
  1. Register your XWorld account at https://www.xworld.pro and post your submission on Zealy.
  1. After the first round of the community competition, we will notify all participants through community announcements, and your XWorld Points will be directly recorded on your official XWorld website account based on the Zealy XP you have obtained on a 1:1 basis.
  1. Fair play is essential — cheating or hacking attempts are strictly prohibited! We will closely monitor any such attempts, and any individuals involved will face airdrop disqualification and a ban from our community.


Enjoying Passionate Game Time, Every Sec Becomes Your Income.

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XWORLD Gaming Festival: Unleash the Gamer Within and Dive into a Digital Wonderland
XWORLD Gaming Festival: Unleash the Gamer Within and Dive into a Digital Wonderland